• Summary

    Mastering effectiveness and maximizing impact

    It is only through purposeful development that individuals can dream of having a massive positive impact on civilizational challenges. I'm building myself and my friends so we can dream larger.
    Help connect me to high impact technology companies so we can optimize the world together.
  • Experience


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    TPM 2023+

    Supporting the safe development and deployment of AI

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    Senior Staff Technical Program Manager 2018 - 2022

    Responsible for leading and coordination across the Safety, AI, and Robotics software departments the first successful launch of fully autonomous passenger rides in San Francisco.

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    Data Analyst / Scientist / Manager Feb 2015 - 2018

    I helped build out the Business Intelligence team, as a data analyst and eventual engineering manager. Responsible for Lyft’s ETL and analytical data warehouse, and BI tools serving 1500 internal users.

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    Data Analyst Dec 2013 - Mar 2014

    Built internal company dashboards and performed statistical analyses to help optimize sales, marketing, and operations

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    Public Transport Victoria

    Transport Systems and Technology Engineer Jan 2012 - Dec 2013
    • Conceived and prototyped big data analysis project using train black box data. Built proof of concept from scratch using Python, giving our timetabling and maintenance teams a more accurate source of data. Overhauled maintenance regims, simulated traction power networks, audited telecommunications equipment, refurbished aging mechanical fleet.
  • "It is abundantly clear that Brayden's desire to make the world a better place is authentic and fervent, and he would be an indispensable asset to any team that aligns him with that goal."

    Oliver Lade - Co-founder Urbanetic

  • Skills

    I'm a hacker, and learn what I need to get things done, including by working with other specialists.

  • Education

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    The University of Melbourne

    BaEng (Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering) 
    BaSc (Physics) 2007 - 2011
    Built astrophysics simulations, automatic handling robots for medical specimens, and published research into renewable transport alternatives for Australia.
  • Community

    I helped establish two communities in Melbourne, Australia over a 9 month period in 2013.

    • "Effective Altruism Melbourne" empowers people who are passionate about making evidence driven charity decisions, with advice on how to maximize their positive impact on the world.
    • "Less Wrong Melbourne" promotes habit formation, goal setting and cognitive de-biasing techniques.
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    Intentional Community Living

    Since moving to San Francisco I've focussed on building international communities for ambitious and kind individuals, and have been living at a house called Dreamship since 2015

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